Sayulita, Mexico

Leslie and Greg, founders of Sunflow, under the festive street decor in Sayulita.

It all started with a family day trip to Sayulita from Nuevo Vallarta years ago. We set off on a long windy road behind super slow-moving trucks to uncover a hidden treasure full of color and life! My first snapshot of town was the breathtaking streets, wallpapered with dream catchers and pom poms with endless strings of festive paper picado swaying overhead. Since that first unforgettable day trip, Sayulita has become our Winter vacation destination and excited to share the must sees of this magical place.

Sayulita has everything I love in a getaway… Besides the gorgeous beaches, the bustling but not overcrowded town, local food and unique shops, you’ll find the kindest locals bubbling over with tradition and pride. We are so familiar with the town that as soon as we arrive it feels like a home away from home and we feel safe and embraced by the people and culture.
Greg and Leslie sitting on SUNFLOW beach chairs at Sayulita Beach in Mexico.

The beaches in the town center are bustling with day trippers and tourists. But if you want a little more peace and solitude, just go north or south and you can find more privacy. Surf lessons are everywhere and if you’re interested in a little adventure, the local surfers will take you to the most breathtaking surf spots. It’s easy to walk everywhere and I highly recommend it…since the walk is sometimes even more interesting than the destination! There are so many hidden gems in this town, we discover more each time we visit.

Sayulita is not only great for beaches, weather, shops and people, but the food is always an experience. We love the variety and endless options of delicious eats. @larusticasayulita is the most amazing for the meal of the day, including after dinner drinks upstairs, @barracudacocinadelmar is another delicious must for dinner. Right off the main streets, @eltiburonsayulita is the perfect tucked away spot for a pre-dinner cocktail. Mary’s is our favorite easy casual lunch spot with the most flavorful and delicious tacos! @el.itacatesayulita is a unique gritty authentic taco experience, with one-of-a-kind, delicious, crispy cheese shells! Be sure to stop by @mexicolate for a refreshing glass of chilled chocolate water (and grab some bags to bring home with you!) And if you’re up to wander a little further, walk to @chamansayulita for breakfast with cool vibes and yummy eats.

As you can tell, I can’t say enough amazing things about Sayulita. There are endless things to do and see, but also easily one of the most chill beaches to do nothing but wait for the breathtaking sunsets. Sayulita, I can’t wait to see you again.

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