Belong to the beach

Everyone deserves a seaside day in the sun. SUNFLOW was born to make your happy place even happier. With the SUNFLOW Chair and a host of innovative accessories, we promise your perfect day will be that much more…

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Customer Love

Thoughtfully Designed

Every inch of the Sunrise Chair has been designed to ensure that your next day at the beach is tranquil and carefree. Its patented technology allows you to personalize your chair to suit every whim.


From its removable backpack straps to its adjustable sun shade, every aspect of the Sunrise Chair was designed to make your day at the beach effortless.

Where Beauty Meets Comfort

Not just the most comfortable seat on the beach, the Sunrise Chair balances fashion and function. Make your square of sand as beautiful as it is comfy.

Make the journey as enjoyable as the destination

With SUNFLOW, the trek to the beach is carefree. The Sunrise Chair easily folds and can be carried on your back with our comfortable backpack straps. Take the time to stop and smell the coconuts!

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