Summer is Calling!

Your Ultimate Beach Getaway Awaits
Yay Spring! It's just three short weeks away. I feel it coming as sun-filled days get longer and longer, and the temperatures creep higher and higher. It's my 2nd favorite season because it gets me excited for my favorite season of all: SUMMER. With that being said, it's never too early to start planning a Summer beach trip. Whether you're looking to enjoy quality family time or a solo adventure, here are some quick tips for creating a super fun beach getaway, with a focus on relaxing, having fun, and everything in between.
Leslie + Greg, founders, on the beach in their SUNFLOW chairs

Why a Beach Trip?
There’s nothing that compares to the beach for a refreshing break from the routine of everyday life. It’s where families bond, you take the time to take walks, search for sea shells, play in the waves, and create lifelong memories. For the solo traveler, the beach can give you serenity, much needed downtime, and the opportunity to make new friends. The beach is my destination of choice because, without fail, the beach always makes me happy.

Picking Your Perfect Spot
Our very own USA is home to an impressive list of beaches and each offers unique
scenery and beach towns with different vibes. Families might look for beaches with calm waters and friendly, action-packed towns, like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina or Clearwater Beach in Florida, with so much to do and see and families-a-plenty! Solo travelers might look for more secluded gems, like the diverse coasts of Big Sur in California or the peaceful shores of Cape Cod. Both spots offering bustling, friendly towns, perfect for a table-for-one or a seat at the bar for socializing.
Woman on the beach sitting in her SUNFLOW chair in coralPacking Essentials
Whether you’re packing for your family or just yourself, I stand behind these beach
items as essentials: comfy but cute clothing, flip flops, plenty of swimwear options and cover ups, 50+ SPF mineral sunscreen (make sure the size is less than 3.4 ounces if you’re only taking a carry-on), and an extra portable battery for recharging your phone, e-reader, or waterproof speaker on the beach! My family travels with our SUNFLOW beach chairs of course, to beach destinations where comfortable cute beach chairs are not readily available, which happens often at the places we visit. For families, depending on whether you’re driving or flying, I usually find it easier to buy beachgames and snacks when I arrive at my destination versus packing and bringing it all with me. Solo beachgoers can easily find local walk-to spots for meals and snacks, which will only add to what you can discover along the way. Whether traveling alone or with a group, be sure to bring your camera and GoPro and maybe a waterproof bag if you plan to get on a boat!
Woman on a boat with folded SUNFLOW chairsMaking the Most of Your Trip
A memorable beach trip needs more than just lounging on the sand (though that’s one of the best parts!). Both families and individuals, be sure you take the time to take long walks on the beach and catch at least one sunrise and one sunset. My family always searches for seashells that are unique to each location and moment in time. I highly recommend writing the date and beach location with a sharpie inside any special shell, or labeling a clear jar with any collection of smaller treasures to make them lifetime keepsakes. I wish I had done this from the very beginning of our family vacations because now when I look at our beautiful seashell collection I can’t remember where and when we found each one. Also, especially on vacation, I recommend joining local beach activities like beach volleyball, paddle boarding or even surf lessons! Immerse yourself in the experiences the beach has to offer.
Family sitting in their SUNFLOW chairs and watching a performer on the beachTips for All Travelers
Regardless of whether you’re traveling with or without friends and family, safety should always be a priority. Keep an eye on weather conditions, stay hydrated (even bring along sugar free electrolyte packets like Nectar), and keep an eye on your things! Embrace the local culture and try the town specialties but be conscious of where you choose to try foods and drinks, making sure they are likely to be made with clean ingredients. Nothing worse than an upset tummy while on vacation. Enjoy the beauty of the nature around you but be respectful. Never leave behind any litter. Take off the beach everything that you brought on the beach. We usually bring along an extra bag to remove any litter around us, whether our own or someone else’s.

Embrace Your Beach Bliss
As the spring season fast approaches, the ocean is calling. I suggest starting to plan now, so you can do and see everything you want. I have found that Instagram and travel blogs are so helpful in planning our getaways. They help create a special guide tailored just for my vacay goals. It’s never too early to plan that unforgettable beach trip. What are you waiting for? Spring is only three weeks away…

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