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The best beach chairs are more than just a convenient place to park it above the hot sand: they're a necessity when it comes to planning an actually comfortable beach trip at the height of summer. When life gives you a record-breaking heat wave, may as well plant your flag—or, uh, umbrella—in the sand and make the best of it. 

Sure, a beach towel is a great supporting character for an excursion to the coast, but a great beach chair should be your leading man. Consider it the ultimate flex for laying back in style, propped up, chilled beverage in hand, zero sand in your hair, sorta like setting your body to OOO. In a best-case scenario, there would be a built-in cup holder in the mix, some incline features that'll help you switch up your angles, a lightweight body and maybe a carrying strap for muscling it out there—plus some weatherproofing to ensure that your seat doesn't rust after so much exposure salty sea air. You can't always have everything, but we've assembled some of the finest beach chairs on the market right now to help you shake off some sand, work on your A-list tan, and chill all the way out.  

The Best Beach Chairs, at a Glance
Trip to the beach creeping up faster than you thought? Don't let the grass grow around your feet—get our top-pick beach chairs right here.

The Best Tricked-Out Beach Chair: Sunflow

This chair is famous. Sunflow, which got a huge break when it was featured on ABC's Shark Tank, makes a souped-up beach chair. The four-point reclining chair is best when paired with any of the optional (read: added-cost) attachments like a sunshade or variety of storage compartments. It's available in over two dozen Hamptons-ready colorways, and it folds down into a convenient backpack for easy transport.

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