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Nothing epitomizes summer like a day at the beach. Warm sand, the sound of lapping waves and a refreshing ocean breeze are just the elements one needs to feel totally refreshed. And the difference between a dream beach day and the uncomfortable, sunburned, sand in your swim trunks kind? The right beach accessories—with all due respect to Mother Nature, a great beach chair is infinitely more pleasant than a sandy towel on the ground.

Before you buy just any option out there, there are a few things to consider when picking the perfect beach chair for your next trip. First, consider how much you want to recline. Lots of the best beach chairs available today offer multiple positions, so you can sit upright, lay flat or recline at many angles in between. A zero gravity chair will let you lay back with your feet totally up, while some loungers let you sleep on your stomach with a hole for your face, kind of like a massage table. Second, it’s important to keep in mind how far you’ll be carrying said beachside throne. If you anticipate a long walk, opt for a lightweight version. If you’re planning to haul a whole barbecue’s worth of food and drinks, try one with padded backpack straps so you can go hands-free. Conversely, big guys will want to seek out the sturdiest options available that hold the most weight. Lastly, don’t forget the extras that are important to you, like a sunshade, a built-in pillow or drink holders. There’s truly a dream beach chair out there for everyone.

We’ve found the best beach chair options the Internet has to offer, courtesy of Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and more. Happy lounging.

Need an easily foldable sun shade? Super comfortable seating? A dry bag for stashing your keys and wallet? Lots of bright colors to choose from? Look no further than this Sunflow beach chair that thinks of just about everything for your next outing.

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