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Looking to upgrade your beach game? Sure, going with people you love is great and all, but the real secret to a better time is having the right beachfront accoutrements. Comfy chairs, quick-drying towels, and coolers that deliver on their promise to, you know, keep your beverages icy cold—all of these are crucial summer 2021 beach essentials. 

If you’re still using that rusted beach chair from 1983 and tugging along your Uncle Bob’s dollar store cooler, it’s time to upgrade. Below, our favorite new beach essentials of summer 2021.

1. SUNFLOW Chair

A great beach day is 30 percent weather, 30 percent company, and 30 percent being comfortable (the other 10 is getting a damn parking spot). This lounger has quickly become a fan-favorite with easy-to-carry backpack straps, rust-resistant aluminum, and 22 colors and patterns to suit your style. For $296, upgrade to SUNFLOW’s Beach Bundle; it includes a sun shade, drink holder, dry bag to keep your wallet, electronics, and the like shielded from water and sand, and a beach towel.


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