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Sunflow chairs stacked on the grass

If you’re the type of person who understands life’s better at the beach, then boy, oh boy, do I have a summer 2024 upgrade for you. I discovered the SUNFLOW beach chair not long after it launched and to be honest, I never looked back. 

What’s so special about SUNFLOW? These don’t just feel like chairs; they feel like a statement — a statement about quality, about style, and, candidly, about knowing what you’re doing when you head to the beach.

SUNFLOW, a premium beach brand founded in 2020 by Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner, has elevated the basic beach chair from a utilitarian necessity to an object of design. So much so, in fact, the husband-and-wife business partners won over “Shark Tank” investor Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary.

How? By expertly combining elevated style and durable construction without sacrificing the key needs of the ultimate beach day: comfort, convenience, and sun protection.

Today, in addition to beach towels and water bottles, SUNFLOW offers three models of its standout chair, each hitting slightly different needs and price points. However, all SUNFLOW chairs share some core features:

Upscale design: Up to 15 colors and patterns – think less flamboyant flamingos and more nautical stripes and hues.

Elevated protection: It may not fully replace your best beach umbrella, but the optional patented UPF 50 sunshade and drink holder are available. Practical? Absolutely. It’s also a bit bougie in the best way. 10-out-of-10. Highly recommend.

Quality construction: Rust-resistant aluminum, marine-grade fabrics, those details that make this feel like an investment, not just a chair.

Lifetime warranty: Because no one wants a busted beach chair ruining those summer vibes.

Now, to dive into the details to distinguish what makes each one of these beach loungers stand out:

SUNFLOW The Original Chair

SUNFLOW Original Chair in ocean navy - back view

The Original Chair is low to the ground, sturdy, and it tells you straight off it’s not here to play games. It’s a low-slung, minimalist masterpiece available in 18 stylish solids, stripes and designs with surprising comfort. It features a unique telescoping frame, which made the initial setup feel a bit like learning to tie shoelaces — tricky at first but satisfying once mastered. The low seat and missing armrests may turn some off to the inaugural style, but at 40-ish years old with occasional lower back issues, I haven’t had any issues yet.

SUNFLOW High Tide Chair in ocean navy - back view

 Think of The High Tide Chair like The Original, but taller and with armrests. It’s pretty much perfect if you prefer a more traditional seat height. It’s available in five classic color options and features the same telescoping frame, which keeps it sturdy and elevated. Why it’s available in so far fewer colors, I don’t know, but those available are some of the most chic, in my opinion.

SUNFLOW The Shore Thing Chair

SUNFLOW Shore Thing Chair in ocean navy - back view

The newest offering from the beach brand, The Shore Thing Chair, is a lightweight contender in the heavyweight category of beach chairs. It strips down some of the more complex features of its elder siblings — no telescoping frame or finger-trigger reclining — but don’t be fooled. It still packs a stylish punch with 10 color options and the design sensibilities that have become a hallmark of SUNFLOW’s offerings. 

At $110, it’s the most wallet-friendly option, and honestly, I think it may be my new favorite. It reclines just enough to let you wonder whether you really need those extra degrees from more expensive models. This is the only chair that features a strap-locking mechanism.


  • The design is sleek, not loud — more Hamptons than Hawaii
  • The Original I have has faced three summers and still looks new
  • Backpack straps make carrying a breeze


  • They’re expensive but an investment
  • The Original low seat and absent armrests could challenge those requiring accessibility
  • Setup can be tricky at first
SUNFLOW High Tide Chair box opening and instructionsMultiple summers of using The Original Chair on Long Island beaches have shown me its true value. It’s the perfect blend of eye-catching design and real-world functionality. Unlike many chairs that are either too delicate, too gaudy, or too flimsy, these strike the ideal balance.

While each chair has its own personality, they all share the family trait of making beach days blissfully comfortable.

Comparisons? Well, while Tommy Bahama might offer a more tiki or tropical vibe, SUNFLOW chairs cater to the upscale minimalist who likes their beach gear to whisper quiet luxury rather than shout beach vacation.

Latest addition: SUNFLOW The Shore Thing Chair
SUNFLOW Shore Thing Chair in deep blue stripe - on lawn

As a die-hard believer in “buy nice or buy twice,” I was intrigued but skeptical of SUNFLOW’s more budget-friendly option, The Shore Thing. Would it feel cheaper? Less refined?

In short, no. 

It is noticeably lighter than the other models, and yes, there’s less overall packaging, but the core construction still feels solid. The fabric is the same high-quality, Greenguard Gold Certified, water-resistant marine fabric. Honestly, it nails that sweet spot of aesthetic form and affordable function. 

The biggest differences, I would say, are the lack of a telescoping frame and the finger-trigger reclining mechanism. To me, for $80 less than The Original, this chair still far surpasses its lower-cost lounger competition.

The Verdict: Worth the Splurge?
SUNFLOW Shore Thing Chair on the beach sat on and carriedIf your beach vibe is more “chic coastal getaway” than “tacky tourist,” SUNFLOW chairs are the way to go. The Shore Thing makes the brand truly accessible, while The Original and The High Tide deliver that extra bit of luxury.

Yes, they’re an investment. But when a chair transforms your entire beach experience, it’s an investment worth making. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a chair with my name on it and an ocean view waiting.

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