Sick of scouring the internet for the perfect length jean shorts or cool sandals that won't destroy your arches? We have an in-house stylist to solve everyone's problems.

Even people who look at clothes all day for a living (hi, it's us, the People StyleWatch team) can find themselves stumped when it comes to summer fashion. It can feel impossible to blend being on-trend with navigating all the sartorial challenges the season presents — whether that's finding full-coverage fashion that is still cool (literally and figuratively) or getting enough support when everything from shoes to swimwear gets skimpier.

Luckily, we have stylist and fashion pro Vanessa Powell on hand to answer all the questions that have been haunting us all spring long.

Easy-Pack Beach Items

a visual list of easy to pack beach items like the SUNFLOW beach bundle, an insulated backpack, a small towel, and JBL speakers.
Q: I love going to the beach in the summer but packing always seems like a process. Do you have any tips or product recommendations to streamline this?

A: As much as we all love fun in the sun, sometimes the process of packing for the beach can make the whole thing feel like kind of a slog. Lighten the load (and get to the beach faster) with multitaskers like an insulated backpack (so you're not lugging a cooler and a beach bag), a tiny but absorbent towel and splash (and sand)-proof carryall pouches. Here are a few product recommendations to streamline your shore prep.

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