Times Square Chronicles

This month in February we continue to support small businesses all across America. Companies from state to state are making waves with original products and concepts.

In New York City Naked Retail’s spring pop-up series, “New Growth,” opened in its 4,000 square foot flagship location in Nolita at 244 Mulberry Street. Inspired by the changing seasons, the series reflects how the spring season represents new beginnings and growth, offering a fresh perspective on life and the world around us.

The pop-up features curated direct-to-consumer brands that have redesigned the space to bring elements from the outdoors inside. Naked rotates its assortment seasonally. This spring, luxury beach brand SUNFLOW’s pop-up boutique will reflect a perfect day outdoors, whether in the sand, at the park, or Manhattan rooftop.

With its’  thoughtfully-designed beach chairs, and user-friendly attachments, such as a sunshade and a bottle holder that can accommodate everything from a water bottle to a wine bottle.

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