Nantucket, MA

From the moment you catch a glimpse of Nantucket from the air or ferry, you know it’s a different kind of island paradise. Upon arrival, you are welcomed by the quaintest, cozy airport. As soon as you leave the airport, you will notice the narrow maze-like streets. Almost every turn is on a dime! The streets are lined with magnificently landscaped, picture-perfect homes nestled one after the other. The reality of Nantucket actually exceeds its legendary reputation.
Leslie holding the rosé pink chair on her back
First and foremost, Nantucket’s stunning beaches are a must-see. Unless your accommodations are right by the ocean, you will probably take a short MOKE or bicycle ride to the paradise of your choice. Be sure to bring everything you will need for the day because you’ll probably be there until sundown; include your SUNFLOW beach bundle (of course), snacks, music, a book, sunscreen, and plenty of water! A favorite beach for locals is Schneidy’s. This beach has the most gorgeous views and is less crowded than some of the more well-known beaches. Steps Beach is breathtaking! Travel through a walkway sprinkled with rose bushes to a set of stairs overlooking this pristine private beach (note there are no public restrooms here). Try Nobadeer Beach for a younger crowd and great surfing. Go to Surfside Beach if you want easy eats at a beach front food shack or explore Cisco’s beach for convenient access to beer and bands!
Leslie + Greg having dinner on the beach
Breakfast is a must at this wake-up-early-and-get-out community. Handlebar is the best for drip coffee, Born; Bread for fresh-out-of-the-oven sourdough bread and amazing hot breakfast sandwiches. PPX Patisserie for pastries and Green Market for smoothies. For an easy delicious lunch, try 167Raw food truck for lobster rolls, tuna burgers and poke too! Provisions is the town’s salad spot right by the ferry and bustling shopping district. Head to Lemon Press on Main Street if you’re feeling healthy. Galley Beach is perfect for sundowners (you will need a reservation for drinks) and Pearl for a gourmet dinner right in the heart of downtown. Lastly, be sure to experience Nantucket’s 45+ minute line for a MUST EAT post dinner ice cream, served in a homemade waffle cone, at the Juice Bar. 

There is no shortage of boutiques in Nantucket! Shopping is easily a full day’s activity with so many adorable stores offering everything from books to clothing, signature Nantucket souvenirs and kitchen must haves. There are also incredible art galleries with the full beach vibe. Don’t miss out on browsing the clothing, jewelry and home decor at Gypsy, Erica Wilson, STOKE, The Vault and Nantucket Looms. They’ve got it all, so be ready to make a dent in your credit card. 
a white Moke parked in front of a home
One thing that stood out in this summer paradise was the curated collection of ultra-cool cars. I can say with (almost) certainty that the unofficial cars of Nantucket are the Jeep Wrangler (but with so much after-market updates, its cool factor is off the charts), and the Vintage Defender 110, again decked out to be so beyond unique. It’s not uncommon that the super hip car you are checking out is even cooler than the one you saw the block before! The island is like a cool-beach-car-show.

Nantucket is the perfect mix of an urban vibe (think San Fran) combined with a laid back surfer beach energy. With carefully coordinated cedar sided homes (there is a strict color and material code for any building on the island), Nantucket has so much to offer including its glorious beaches prime for surfing, napping, or watching the sunset. Nantucket offers countless culinary treats, from casual lobster and clam bakes to 5-star entrees. Loads to do from seeing the sights by bike, trying all the ice cream spots, shopping the cutest boutiques to SUP, boating or surfing! A visit to Nantucket is a summer must. GO NOW and tell them SUNFLOW sent you.

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