Striped SUNFLOW chairs on the beachI travel back and forth between Tel Aviv and New York City throughout the year and even though our Tel Aviv apartment is in walking distance from the beach, I rarely go. It’s just too much of a shlep to bring all that I’d need. I’m not one to lay out in the sun without protection and the few beach chair/umbrellas that are for rent are always occupied if you don’t arrive early. Well, that was all true till I caught Sunflow on Shark Tank.

SUNFLOW bundle in deep blue stripeFirst off – before you get sticker shock ($296 for the all inclusive bundle pictured above)- this isn’t your average clunky, heavy chair. It’s both durable and portable (even though it can support up to 250lbs). In fact, I was able to push my stroller while carrying it as backpack (it’s about 9lbs which is less than my baby weighs). It also has the option for a variety of attachable accessories (sun visor, water bottle or in my case baby bottle etc.) and it’s rust and water-proof. So while this chair seems more expensive at first, it actually isn’t when you factor in that you won’t have to replace this next summer – at least I’ve never personally had a chair not rust after a few months of usage (plus, it comes in a bunch of nice patterns and color-ways). It’s also a lot more comfortable with its four angled positions and I’ve never met a parent who can’t use that for their back and knees.
Surfers carrying SUNFLOW beach bundles While I still can’t get to the beach as often as I’d like, this chair’s use hasn’t been limited to when I’m waterside. I actually use it all the time on my patio as I watch my son splish-splash in our inflatable pool, too. The only thing I wish is that Sunflow would do a family discount if you buy multiple and that they would come out with a kid-size version!

SUNFLOW beach bundle in deep blue stripe on the beach
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