Summer adventures are in full swing, but that also means getting your packing juuust right. Ever been to the beach and come home looking like a lobster because you forgot the SPF. To help you prep for all the summer fun, we’ve put together the must-have items and beverages for every activity, whether you’re more “picnic in the park” or “kick back under the stars.”

Beach Day

The number one rule of going to the beach: don’t get cooked. Tinted sunscreen will stave off any redness, plus it’s a moisturizer and light foundation all in one — meaning, those extra moments of get-ready time in the morning can be dedicated to basking in the sun, and looking good doing so. Kick back with a glass of wine in chairs that also shade you (in the good way) so you don’t have to worry about squinting your eyes the whole day or getting too, too many UV rays. And, of course, no beach hang is complete without surf rock jams — extra points if your speakers are waterproof and can join when you head out for a dip.

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