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Signing our permission slips for field trips, cooking dinner after school, lending a helping hand during big moves—Father's Day isn't just for biological fathers, but for the brothers, uncles, grandparents, family friends, parents of friends, coaches, neighbors, and all the other father figures who were there for us when we needed them most, and in some cases, still are.

Father's Day is a time for celebrating the love and support of the father figures in your life—for honoring the role they've played in your life for saying, "thank you." What better way to do all of than than with a Father's Day gift that will leave them glowing from the inside out?! With the big day just shy of two weeks away, there's still plenty of time to pick out a meaningful present that'll show your father figure just how thankful you are for them. No matter what they're into—or what their relation to you is—these Father's Day gifts will make their holiday that more special.

man reclining in a sunshine stripe SUNFLOW beach bundle at the beach
SunFlow, SunFlow Chair Beach Bundle — $298.00

Maybe he’s less of adventure kinda guy and more of a chill-by-the-beach-with-a-beer kinda guy. In that case, get him this fabulous beach chair bundle. The star of the show (which he might have seen on Shark Tank) is the chair itself, which is ergonomically engineered for ultimate comfort. Only the bundle includes a shade (to keep the sun out), a drink holder (for said beer), a dry bag (for storing his phone and wallet), and a free towel (for keeping the sand off). Everything he needs to for some much needed R&R.

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