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A good beach chair is light, stable and worth sitting on. A great beach chair is all of those things, but also fits into your budget, is easy to carry across burning hot sand and looks good waiting for you while you take a dip in the water.

The 16 chairs on this list address the needs of every beachgoer — there are models with integrated sunshades for the sun-conscious, simple two-piece folding designs that prioritize form, cheap and easy-to-set-up camping chairs and more classic designs made for a day in the sun and surf.

Best Folding Beach Chair: Sunflow Sunrise Beach Chair
Sunflow Chair Ocean Navy
Sunflow's Sunrise is portable, intuitive to set up and looks good. Makes sense since the brand's founders linked up with legendary industrial designer Yves Behar's design and innovation firm, Fuseproject, which helped create the Herman Miller Sayl chair, to make the Hamptons' new favorite beach chair. The Sunrise beach chair has a four-way reclining seat made of lightweight rust-resistant aluminum and water-resistant fabric, and its setup is similar to that of a stroller.

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